Explore Cape Cod with Dick Hilmer on daily kayak tours in Nauset Marsh,
Cape Cod National Seashore and Pleasant Bay. ACA instruction certified.


Dick and Linda have been offered a great opportunity and are closing Explore Cape Cod Kayak for the 2015 Season.

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~ Great Marsh Kayak Tours (508) 328-7064
or Visit greatmarshkayaktours.com

For Stand Up Paddling contact:

~SUPfari Adventures 774-722-5750
or Visit supfariadventures.com
Pump House Surf Shop (508) 240-2226
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Cape Cod Kayak Eco Tour

Boy Scouts of Westborough, MA on Nauset Marsh, Cape Cod

Kayaking Nauset Marsh

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Cape Cod National Seashore

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Daily Cape Cod Kayak Tours
Sample 2012 schedule:

  • May 1 Herring River
  • May 6 The River, Orleans
  • May 12 AM Nauset Marsh
  •              PM Chatham 
  • May 13 Pleasant Bay
  • May 18 Salt Pond, CCNS
  • May 19 Strong Island
  • May 20 Oyster River
  • May 25 Boat Meadow
  • May 26 Nauset Marsh
  • May 27 Pleasant Bay
  • May 28 Strong Island
  • May 29 Meetinghouse Pond
  • May 30 Herring River

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Welcome from the owners
Linda and Dick Hilmer

You'll find us at either Nauset Marsh or Pleasant Bay, don't hesitate to stop by and say hi.

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Seal Tours July and August

Launch into Nauset Marsh and paddle towards the outer beach where the seals gather. We may encounter harbor seals and grey seals bobbing in the water and view shorebirds; including a variety of terns, sandpipers, oyster catchers, plovers and our resident ospreys.

Note: with the pursuit and viewing of wildlife, sightings can never be guaranteed. Seals come and go with the tide and the schools of fish moving through the marsh towards the ocean. Therefore, we can not and do not guarantee that we will encounter seals. But if anyone will find them if they are around, we will!

We will help stimulate your creativity and offer you a half day of FUN ACTIVITY and ADVENTURE for your whole family outing.

Certified Kayak instruction
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Students Girl & Boy Scouts Corporate Outings Sunrise Tours
Kayak tours for students
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Corporate Outings
Kayak tours for family fun

“You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do” - Jerry Garcia 

The Explore Cape Cod Educational Program introduces students to the excitement of kayaking and the wonder of the natural world. Through investigations on salt marsh habitats, students paddle to barrier beach environments, where lesson plans have been developed in accordance with the National Standards of Science and Technology.
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"In every out thrust headland,
in every curving beach, in every
grain of sand there is the
story of the earth"
- Rachel Carson

Girl Scouts
Pole, Paddle and We Don't Roll - IP
Shore to Sea - IP
Studio 2B - Charms:
        Makin' Waves
        Parks Matter
Boy Scouts
Geology-Merit Badge
Birding-Merit Badge
Water safety-Merit Badge

For Recreation, Team Building, Excitement of trying
something new.

100’s of corporate groups have participated in our corporate outdoor programs. Every corporate outing is customized. Price is tiered for number of participants.

2010 Clients included:
   Intuit Software
   Mercier Company

Corporate Partners:
Chatham Bars Inn
  Ocean Edge Resort
  Cape Cod Chamber

This early morning paddle is our favorite. Our Native Peoples Tribe are called “Wampanoag” - which translates to “people of the first light”.
Come experience the first light and nourish the mind, body, and spirit.
Level: No experience necessary. Easy to Moderate with instruction and quality equipment.

7:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Minimum of 4 participants

Cape Cod Summer Rentals

$35 per person sea-touring tandem includes all equipment, instruction and guide service.
$49 per person sea-touring solo kayak (chosen to match your body size and ability).

Youth organizations and groups of 8 or more are $30 per in tandem / $40 solo, depending upon how large the group and how long the tour. Most youth paddles are three hours in length.

Cancellation Policy: Half day trips have a 48 hour cancellation policy.
A credit card is required to reserve your spot.

Rain policy: We do not consider your vacation to be an extreme sporting event. We believe in "glide and relax" kayaking. We believe your kayaking adventure is about communing with nature and for us, passing along our extensive knowledge of the area. Sea kayaking can be a very enjoyable activity in the rain. Showery weather is common to Cape Cod coastal environs and usually means that there will be less wind. Our policy is not to cancel for rain, however should there be driving rain and wind we will likely cancel. In addition you will be snugly cocooned by your life jacket, and we bring lots of extra clothing just in case.

For more information on how you can book an individual outing, a group or scout tour, a school environmental education program, or a team building activity: